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How to Fix Sending Email Errors in Outlook Express 6.0?

Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 is an email client which handles multiple email accounts of users with highly improved features and easy to use options.  Adding background music to the emails is one of the famous features which it offers to users. Other advanced features which this email offers is automatic message back-up flexibility, accessing folders, deleting anti-spam messages, working with the mailing lists as well as newsletters. But sometimes, unexpectedly users may come across error messages such as sending email issue. Below we have steps to Fix Sending Email Errors in Outlook Express 6.0 with detailed description of each step.

A wide variety of errors may come up while email is being sent by displaying an error message as “550 – Relaying not allowed”. This error clearly indicates that the server is not at all recognized by users as an authorized person by rejecting the email. Another one is newsgroup error which executes while users are trying to reply via long threaded newsgroup process. So, it is essential for you to resolve the matter as soon as possible


Steps to troubleshoot sending email errors in Outlook Express 6.0

A wide number of issues which is caused can simply be fixed by modifying the SMTP server. To do this, one needs to click on the “Accounts from the Tools’ menu which will display a list of accounts based on the account name. Select the entire appropriate account name as well as Properties icon. Now, just under the properties window section, you need to select the “Servers” icon to modify the SMTP. Another error which is caused due to long threaded newsgroup can be easily rectified by saving the reply to a hard drive area and then, select the ‘Save as’ option from the File menu. Once done, get access to the *.eml file with a notepad option and then, remove your entire message IDs in the middle of the line 3. At last, you need to save your entire edited notepad by double-clicking it to open it and click the “send” icon.

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How To Fix Permission Error In Outlook Email?

Microsoft Outlook is a highly preferred email service which is easily accessible along with the Microsoft Office suite. The application acts as an independent personal information manager of your Internet mail client. It allows users to work with a combination of the Microsoft Exchange Server that include scheduling process, managing of E-mail as well as the task management system. Users can easily work with various other features such as E-mail, contacts, tasks, calendars and documents in user’s system hard drive. But the email service can come across sudden working errors and one such is that of “permission error”.

This is an issue which generally occurs when a user group is in one Active Directory domain and a distribution group is in other domain. It should be like each of them should contains its own global catalog. Here it happens when users are trying to administer DL membership with the help of Microsoft Outlook Address Book, then the user with the permission to administer the DL obtains a message which will say ‘Do not have sufficient permissions’ error message. A user will only be able to administer distribution groups that are present in the user’s domain. Here we have discussed solution Fix Permission Error In Outlook Email.

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Solution to troubleshoot permission error in Outlook email

Well there are many solutions available to overcome this issue but this is the most effective one which user can certainly try to remove the ”permission error” in the Outlook email. So, to resolve this problems, we here advice users to use the “AutoDL tool” to handle various DL issues that are most obvious cause of this problem. This tool can easily be accessed in the Exchange 2000 Resource Kit CD-ROM. On the other hand, users can also allocate the DL as well as the user group in the same domain.

I hope it will bring a sigh of relief in context to Outlook issue. But if the problem persists to continue the, proceed to the below section now.

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How to Fix Indexing Gets Stuck Error In Outlook Email?

This is a kind of technical issue in Outlook mail due to variation in Outlook files. Any kind of errors or even corrupted files will certainly affect all the Outlook functions. It is seen that sometimes users may require to upgrade the Microsoft Office on the computer from the present version to a newer version. So, this is also one of the reasons why you may come across “indexing error” in Outlook email. Users here will be introduced with solutions to Fix Indexing Gets Stuck Error In Outlook Email with appropriate answers.

But let me introduce a bit about “Indexing feature” in Outlook email. It is basically a searching process for items in Outlook email account to allow users detect items that are indexed. An all new kind of searching tool to help users execute queries for messages instantly by scanning and recording all e-mails in your email account.

Steps to troubleshoot Indexing Gets Stuck Error in Outlook email

Step 1: Restart the Computer

By simply restarting the computer, users can easily fix the issue. Now the next thing is to open the email account once again. All your issues related to it including indexing getting stuck will completely be solved.

Step 2: Check the present status of Outlook email account

If the above issue does not work out then, select the ‘Tools’ icon and then, expand the ‘Instant Search’ icon’s submerse. Choose the ‘Indexing Status’ and there you will see a dialog box emerging in front of you which will inform users about the present status of Outlook indexing process.

Step 3: Reboot phase

If it is found that the program is in the indexing process then, wait for it to finish. Revert to the ‘Instant Search’ icon and then, select the ‘Search Options’ next. Close the Microsoft Outlook, get access to the “Start menu” and press the “Control Panel” icon. Double-click on the ‘System Maintenance’ icon and then, select the ‘Indexing Options’. Click on the ‘Advanced’ icon and then, press the ‘Rebuild’ icon. As Microsoft Outlook starts rebooting, a new indexing session will work automatically.

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Fix Outlook Error 0x80070057

How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070057?

Users receiving this issue is caused due to severe damaged done to files of the Windows system or may be due to broken structures issues in the system. This is the most critical problem in the Microsoft Outlook Express resulting in the instability of your operating system, proceeding to future issues of the computer system. Other reasons may be due to improper management issues done by the user of the computer system, and this is why it has become the most necessary to take a proper care of the system by maintaining good health of the PC. Let’s move ahead to see ways to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80070057.

Steps to Fix Outlook Error 0x80070057

Step 1: Working with the CD

  • Insert the Microsoft Office CD into the disc drive and then make use of the “Detect and Repair” feature in the Help menu.
  • Mostly it is seen that this helps us to detect the problem with the Outlook 2010 version and repair it by automatically. If this does not help, then we request you to give a try in renaming all the email profile. Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ and make use of the mail applet button.
  • Now, create a new profile to get rid of all types of problems that are executing in the earlier profile.

Step2: Check for any issue with the ISP

  • If this problem persists to continue only then, most probably there is some problem lies with your ISP. If it is so then, it is quite possible that there is very less capacity to handle bigger size emails and this is why all user’s mails are failing to be sent with the error code “0x80070057”.
  • To solve it, we request users to contact the ISP specialists and then solve these problems easily

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How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8000000600?

The Outlook error 0x8000000600 generally occurs when you can send but not receive an Email in Outlook account. The main cause of this error due to PST files that may be corrupted, especially as the approach or exceed 2GB. The common cause includes Internet Connection, Outlook email account settings are correct, antivirus issue, and configure other firewall software, etc.  Thus, you don’t require to take tension or panic about this issue! As recommend through the Outlook tech support team, this error can be straightforwardly determined by just applying the simple methods. So, if you have the same problem, then you can easily Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8000000600, by following the simple methods, which are given below.

Method 1: Make sure that you are connected to the Internet

You should make sure that you are connected to the Internet properly or not. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, open your computer and start any browser. For example, start Internet Explorer.
  • Then type one of the following addresses in the address bar.



  • Then press “Enter” key.

If you continue to experience Internet connectivity issues, then troubleshoot network connectivity problems in Internet Explorer (or other browser).

Method 2:- Check Your Outlook Email Account Settings

Make sure that your Outlook email account settings are correct one of the following setting, that you are chosen.

Outlook.com POP Mail Server Settings:-

  • Account type: POP3
  • Incoming mail server: pop3.live.com
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.live.com Logon Information:
  • User Name: your @outlook.com email address
  • Password: your @outlook.com password Advanced tab – Server Port Numbers:
  • Incoming server (POP3): port 995, SSL
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): port 587, TLS

Outlook.com IMAP Mail Server Settings:-

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp-mail.outlook.com Logon Information:-
  • User Name: your @outlook.com email address
  • Password: your @outlook.com password Advanced tab – Server Port Numbers:-
  • Incoming server (POP3): port 993,SSL
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): port 587, TLS

Method 3:- Run the Inbox Repair Tool to Repair Your .pst file

The .pst file is a personal-folders, file commonly stores your email messages, contacts, notes, calendar items, and other data. May be its possible that the .pst file is corrupted, which is main reasons of behind the occurrence of this error, and are not be able to send or receive email messages in Outlook.

  • First, exit Outlook and download Inbox Repair Tool to Repair Your .pst file by visiting the internet.
  • After downloading start the Inbox Repair tool, and then type the path and the file name of your personal folders (.pst) file or click Browse to locate the file by using the Windows file system, and then click Start.
  • After you run the Inbox Repair tool, you can start Outlook and recover repaired items
  • To start, create a new Personal Folders (.pst) file entry in your profile. Then, you can move the recovered items to your new Personal Folders (.pst) file.
  • Start Outlook, if you use multiple profiles in Outlook; then ensure that you choose the profile that contains the Personal Folders (.pst) file that you tried to repair.
  • Tap on “CTRL+6” key to turn on Folder List view.
  • In your “Folder” list, you will see the following recovered folders:-
  • Then you need to create a new Personal Folder (.pst) file in your profile. Make sure the process/steps may be diverse, as per depending on Outlook version that you are currently running.
  • Drag the recovered items from the Lost and Found folder to your new Personal Folders (.pst) file.
  • When you have finished moving all items, you can remove the Recovered Personal Folders (.pst) file from your profile. This includes the Lost and Found folder.
  • Now the process of recovered data is finished successfully.

Then check the Error Code 0x8000000600 is resolved.

In case, if it’s still persisting, then you should connect with our Outlook Customer Support team to get on the spot online assistance.

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