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How to Fix Outlook OST File Not Updating Error?

OST file issue arises due to improper Outlook profile or inaccurate preference settings done by users. So, thinking from future prospective, users need to Fix Outlook OST File Not Updating Error on promptly. However, one can approach for professional help at Outlook Customer Service Number. However. There lies other valid reasons such as configuration problems of MS Outlook while working on Offline OST mode, damaged Exchange Server is not functioning appropriately which serves as a supporting feature  to all files on the system for proper synchronization of OST files.  Not only this but also, sudden malware invasion on Outlook OST files that get saved in the hard disk, corrupted OST files are also few of the reasons for this problem.

Steps to Fix Outlook OST File not Updating Error

Fix Outlook OST File Not Updating Error

These steps are based on manual mode and are quite easy for users to understand

Step 1: Choose the “Folder” icon which needs to be checked and then, right click on it to tap the “Open Properties” icon
Step 2: Now as suggested by Outlook Tech Support team, users are advised to select the “synchronization tab” and then, have a proper check on the folder statistics.
Step 3: If the synchronization does not work properly then, all of the items that are present on the server folder completely comprises of the number of items that are there in Offline Folder.

Step 4: Select the “File Menu” and then, click to choose the “Data File Management” icon. This way it will allow users to open an “Account Setting Dialog Box” from they need to opt for email tab
Step 5: Choose the “Mailbox Account name” and click the ‘Change Button” icon
Step 6: However one needs to ensure that whether the “Use Cached Mode Option” is selected or not.

Step 7: Tap the “OK” button if not selected
Step 8: Close Account Settings and MS Outlook. Afterwards, reopen Outlook again
Step 9: Synchronize Offline Folder automatically

Users can also follow an update method which is based on Offline Folder

Step1: Click the “Tool” icon and then select the “Option” menu
Step 2: Now, users are supposed to opt for “Mail Setup Tab” where they will be navigated to “Send immediately” option when connected to the checkbox in the Send/Receive Section
Step 3: Choose the “Send/Receive” option which will further display a dialog box and from there, have a check whether “Perform an Automatic Send/Receive When Exiting option” is enabled or not?
Step 4: Now, click the “Close” icon and press the “OK” button

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