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How To Fix Gmail Sync Issues?

Here, the blog will teach users on how to fix Gmail sync issues in quite easy steps. For most of the devices, Gmail works just fine. But unfortunately, there are times when Gmail syncing issue arises. Users can also, reach our Gmail Customer Support Number +18002133740 for better guidelines. So, what should be done when it doesn’t works? The issue may arise in the form of the calendar as well as contacts which won’t sync or even the Gmail won’t work accurately. When that happens, users are simply advised to toss their phone to the ground in a raging tantrum? Of-course you can. Also, users can drown the device in a bucket filled with little amount of water. But neither would solve the problem. So, now let us see what those convincing solutions to fix the problem are. Believe it or not, solving this syncing problem can come in various ways but we have the easiest ways among all.

Solutions to Fix Gmail Sync Issues:

Fix Gmail Sync Issues

Solution 1: This is the first solution which is effective for users

Step 1: As per Gmail Customer Service team guidelines, users are first needed to turn off the Mobile Data and wait for a moment. Turn the device on again. To do this, the very thing that users need to shoot is to ensure that they are accessing on a wireless network.

Step 2: Secondly, just open up the settings and try to locate the Mobile Data entry easily

Step 3: Tap the “ON/OFF” button switch to disable it

Step 4: Wait for at-least about 30 to 60 seconds and again click the “ON/OFF” switch to enable it

That’s it. I hope the related issue is entirely rectified. To make it confirm, one should see data start appearing on the screen. If, however, it doesn’t work then, simply proceed ahead to delete the Gmail account and then, re-add it. It sounds crazy, right! But fortunately, this is again cloud-based which is beneficial because users won’t be losing any data.

Solution 2: This is the second solution which users should try:

  • Open up the Settings icon as instructed by Gmail Customer Care Service team and direct to the “Accounts” icon.
  • Locate and then, click the “Google Account” icon and click to choose the menu button
  • Now, click the “Remove account” and choose the “OK” icon
  • Once removed, user is requested to re-add their account. Simply click the ‘Add account’ and choose the “Google” icon. However, one needs to go through the account wizard first and once the account is re-added, users will then all the issues related to sync problems go away.
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