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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0X80070057?

Windows Live Mail is a renowned mail service used by thousands of users across the country due to its powerful e-mail clients, originally developed by Microsoft. It offers a wide variety of mail features to its users. One can easily send emails as well as have full potential to integration with the Windows Live Hotmail services. Its features such as variety of options to send mails, easy access to all RSS feeds and with a complete protection against any unauthorized e-mail messages and phishing attacks has made the application famous among people. But often users may come across severe issues like the one that of ID error. But we have various steps to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0X80070057.


Main causes of Windows Live Mail Error

The most common cause of this error which happens is while opening the Windows Live Mail. Other reasons are due to issues in the Windows update settings section, messages stuck in the outbox and incorrect LAN settings.

Steps to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0X80070057.

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Step 1: Reconfiguring your e-mail account

  • Reconfiguration of any e-mail account is very helpful as it resolves half of the issue happening with your email account.
  • To do this, one is requested to remove the account by accessing the folder pane in the Windows live mail. Once done simply create a new account.

Step 2: Check LAN settings

  • Check and then configure your LAN settings as it is one of the biggest causes of this issue.To perform this step, tap on the “tools” and then, go to the “Internet” options. Now, carefully select the “connection” tab and tap onthe LAN settings.
  • Check for any proxy server error in the LAN network and then remove all the entries from the boxes. Reboot the system later and you are completely done.

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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error 3219 0x8DE00005

The Live Mail Error 3219 which is followed by 0x8de00005 is a kind of server error occurs when Windows Live Mail is incapable of connecting to Hotmail, Outlook as well as to the MSN server. Users who are have just configured their WLM with a motive to connect and syncing mail via Secure HTTPS link can come across with this error. If all of a sudden users are not able to send emails and start getting this error code then, it is quite possible that this error is related to authentication issues that are using the same credentials at the same time. People who are working with e-mail apps, such as Windows Live Mail are recommended to configure accounts as an IMAP or POP. It is also advised to re-configure the mail account to fix this issue faster. Below are Fix Windows Live Mail Error 3219 0x8DE00005 which have been explained in detail by professional experts

Steps to Fix Windows Live Mail Error 3219


It is seen that the majority of people have reconfigured the account to get rid of this error faster but it is recommended to perform manual steps to over the error. Here are they:

Step 1: Entering all credentials

  • Click on the “Accounts Tab” first and then find the “+” symbol attached with the “@’ sing and then, tap on it.
  • Enter all your login details such as e-mail address, password, and the display name.

Step 2: Configure server settings

  • Next, it recommended for users to Configure Server Settings manually.
  • Select the “IMAP” now which is located just under the “Incoming Server Information” section.
  • Type the “” in the Server Address field and then, type “993” in the port section.

Step 3: handling the connection

  • Establish a secure connection SSL and then, locate the Outgoing Server Information carefully.

Step 4:  Manage the server address

  • Here, users are requested to type the “” which will be the server address and in the port section, simply type the 587.
  • Now establish a secure connection SSL by enabling a proper Authentication process.
  • Hit the “Next” icon to finish the process.

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