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How to Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive?

It is vital to make a backup of Outlook data and time to avoid future conflicts like hardware failure, human error, etc.  In this blog, we will introduce Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive. Users may contact expert team at Outlook Customer Support Number 1-800-213-3740. Apart from this, what interests us more is that the Outlook comes with easiest way of delivering users a proper backup of any data.

Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive

Steps to Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive are as follows:

Step 1: The very first thing is simply to get access of MS Outlook 2013 where an interface will be displayed. Tap on the “File” option which will be clearly visible at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2:  After that go to the file tab, where users will come across an info tab. Select it to get prompted with an accurate account information. Here one will be able to access social network settings, cleanup software for mailbox, etc. However, these functions are not needed.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Open & Export” tab where users will be prompted with four different options. As suggested by Outlook customer service technical team, click the “Import & Export”. However, there are various other options that won’t be available for exporting Outlook data but meant for importing.

Step 4: After clicking the Import / Export, an “Import and Export Wizard” will open automatically. However, several options for importing and exporting data to and from Outlook will also be available. Select the “Export to a file” icon and tap on “Next” button

Step 5: Export Outlook data in two ways. The first one will be “Comma Separated Values” in which you can export only one folder in more than one file type. But if you want to go for a simple method then just select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click on Next button

Step 6: Now users need to decide the type of items which they need for backup. If users wish to back-up their “Inbox” only then, just select that particular option only. But if you want to backup whole data of Outlook then you need to select the root folder and click on Next button.

Step 7:  Select the backup file path by clicking the “Browse” button where a new window will open in which selecting a specific path to backup entire data is needed.

Step 8: A new backup.pst file will appear and thereafter choose the “Replace Duplicates” option with Items Exported radio button. This will replace the file automatically.

Step 9: Create a new password for the purpose of file backup but it is an optional for users.

Step 10: Now back- up your Outlook data successfully.

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