Append G-Suite Account To Outlook

Read how to Append G-Suite Account To Outlook in few easy steps. For more such interesting queries, we are always here to convey our customers future effective solutions with proper guidelines.

Solution to Append G-Suite Account To Outlook are:-

  • Check how you can enable IMAP access in a G Suite account. Click on the preferred option to see the most recent versions
  • Open up Gmail inbox for your G Suite account which you wish to configure.
  • Hit on “Settings icon” which is visible in the top right corner and under your profile picture. Click on ‘Settings’ icon from the drop-down.
  • Head to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” icon and click “Enable IMAP” option. Click ‘Save Changes’ icon but careful to leave other settings to its default mode.
  • We need to configure Outlook to receive your emails.

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Append G-Suite Account To Outlook

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