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How to Fix AOL Mail Error Code 420?

The AOL Mail Error Code 420 may happen due to wide number of reasons. First reason may be due to corrupted computer’s registry issues which further leads to corrupted file. This problem is especially due to communication interruption between user’s computer and AOL. Another foremost reason is that user’s PC has contracted a deadly virus attacks and the virus is now causing trouble with your AOL account. It can also stop users from letting them sign-up for a new one.

Methods to fix AOL error code 420

There are a couple of methods that users can apply to manually fix the AOL error code 420 problem. These solutions are considered as the best ones for users depending largely on what actually is causing this error to execute.

Method 1: Check for your browser issues

Sometimes the cause of error may be due to browsers that need to be blamed for AOL error which is encountered by users. If it is the suspected cause leading of this issue then one can proceed to test the theory in next step

  • Initially try to give an attempt to log into your AOL account or simply proceed to sign-up phase for a creation of new account while an alternate browser is in running condition.
  • If this step is successful then, it is the actual cause of having this issues and further needs to be updated.

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Method 2: Running a virus scan manually

  • It is probable that user’s PC is already running multiple virus scans at various set points. But one may have just started experiencing this particular AOL error problem where a fresh virus scan start will do a good for you. Perform all the below steps to run a virus scan:
  1. Locate the anti-virus icon first on the desktop.
  2. Double click on the anti-virus icon next to easily open the program.
  3. Search for a scan option and then carefully choose the ‘Full System Scan’ icon.
  4. Run a complete full computer scan next.
  5. If any kind of viruses has been detected then, delete those issues immediately.
  6. Restart the PC device to easily allow modification to take an effect.
  7. At last, perform an AOL test again to check for any existing issues further.


I hope this blog will help you overcome with your AOL issues. But, in case if it’s not being resolved then give us a call at AOL Mail Support Number 1-800-213-3740 section and fix the issues on prompt basis